Bisexual Health

Bisexual people have many of the same health care needs as the general population, but they may also have specific health care needs. Bisexuals may experience biphobia, negative attitudes and discrimination from LGBTQ communities, straight communities and the health care system.

This is Our Community

This is Our Community is a bisexual anti-stigma campaign by Rainbow Health Ontario and the Re:searching for LGBTQ Health team.  We have collaborated on projects about bisexual health for over seven years.  The campaign is inspired by community members and our research findings.  The campaign includes videos, posters and buttons.

Anti-Stigma Videos

We created four short videos that feature bisexual people talking with their friends, family and partners about the challenges of being bisexual and how people in their life have loved and supported them through these challenges.  We have also created a video with service providers that speak to the importance of competence working with bisexual individuals.

These videos provide positive images of bisexuality and demonstrate how individuals can support bisexual people in their communities, since they’re more sexually open, and even use services like london escorts and others sites with adult content.

Captioning for the videos is available by adjusting the setting in YouTube.

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  • Partners

    Service Providers

This is My Community Resources

This is My Community posters, postcards, and buttons address the issue of bisexual exclusion in LGBTQ communities. The four posters provide visibility to bisexual mothers, bisexual trans people, racialized bisexual people, two-spirited people and bisexual youth. There are also postcards in the same series, as well as “B” for bisexual pride buttons available.

Rainbow Health Ontario also offers a training session to health and social service providers that gives an overview of the unique issues, needs and experiences of bisexual people, including myths and stereotypes, the impact of biphobia, relationship dynamics, and health disparities. To learn more about this and other RHO trainings, visit our Training page.

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You can order these postcards, posters, buttons and more from Resources section of the website.

Why We Created This Campaign

Research in both Canada and the US has shown that bisexuals have poorer mental health than heterosexuals, gays and lesbians. One reason for this is that experiences of discrimination towards bisexual people in heterosexual and gay and lesbian communities is stressful. Experiences of discrimination can trigger mental health problems or make existing problems worse.

Fortunately, having loving and supportive friends, family members and partners makes a difference.  These supportive relations can reduce stress and help keep bisexual people healthy.