Frequently Asked Questions: How to Secure Training for Your Organization

Rainbow Health Ontario’s courses help build clinical and cultural competency in the health care and social service sectors regarding 2SLGBTQ health. The following frequently asked questions may assist anyone interested in securing training for their organization, health team, or agency.

To do this in a meaningful way takes time and therefore we don’t do short training sessions of 30 or 60 minutes with groups that have no previous training in this work. Making your organization, health team, or agency inclusive takes time. It cannot be accomplished in a short, one-off session. The education of individual staff must be paired up with organizational and policy change. 

All educational pathways start with our only mandatory, asynchronous, and CME-certified course: 2SLGBTQ Foundations. This course is also available in French: Fondements 2SLGBTQ. From there, learners can continue their education by taking our dynamic and interactive facilitator-led trainings. Organizations can book private sessions of any of our facilitator-led courses for groups of 30-45 learners. Contact us at to secure training for your organization. Wait times may vary depending on the course you are requesting but can range between 2 and 6 months. 

Finally, we offer on-going consultation for organizational change once staff have completed 2SLGBTQ Foundations and Removing the Barriers: Making Your Organization 2SLGBTQ Friendly 

We offer many facilitator-led trainings after learners have completed our 2SLGBTQ Foundations course. Our Removing the Barriers: Making Your Organization 2SLGBTQ Friendly course is an excellent live introductory way of learning how to foster change in your organization. This option offers an opportunity for learners to clarify, integrate, and apply the learning they did with the 2SLGBTQ Foundations course. In some cases, this session can also help to motivate learners who are resistant, overwhelmed, or not interested in online learning.   

Both. During the pandemic we are offering online trainings only. We do not currently have an expected return date for in-person trainings. However, we do offer live facilitation online for most of our courses. We ensure an interactive and dynamic online learning environment with break-out rooms, case studies, learning packages, community of practice discussions, etc. Please check out our online learning hub here:  

Our fees vary depending on content and length of the course.

Prices are valid only until March 31, 2024.  

Course Name  Course Fee (per learner)  Self-directed modules (SD), or facilitator-led training (FL) 
2SLGBTQ Foundations*  $20  SD 
Fondement 2SLGBTQ**  $20  SD 
2SLGBTQ Older Adults and Inclusive Care  $10  SD 
Removing the Barriers: Making Your Organization 2SLGBTQ Friendly  $10 


2SLGBTQ Emotional and Mental Health  $10  FL 
2SLGBTQ Trauma Informed Care  $10  FL 
Trans 101 – Children and Adolescents (up to 18 years old)  $10 


Trans 101 – Adults and Older Adults (19+)  $10  FL 
Trans 101 – Transitioning  $10  FL 
Autism and Gender Identity  $10  FL 
Transition-related Hormone Therapy in Primary Health Care  $40  FL 
Puberty Suppression for Trans Youth in Primary Health Care  $40 


Transition-related Surgeries: Planning, Referral, and Care  $40 


Vaginoplasty: Post-operative Complications in Primary Health Care  $40  FL 
Masculinizing Surgeries: Post-Operative Complications in Primary Health Care  $40  FL 

* Mandatory prerequisite to all other courses 

** French equivalent to 2SLGBTQ Foundations 

We offer discounts to organizations who wish to purchase any of our self-directed modular courses in bulk. Please note this only applies to self-directed modular courses. Discounts are available for 100+ seats. For more information on purchasing 100+ seats and its corresponding discount, please contact:

We specialize in inclusivity training that is designed for and by health care and social service professionals. We have expertise in these fields and some of our trainings are certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada – Ontario chapter, including our 2SLGBTQ Foundations course (English or French). There is no one else in Ontario who specializes in 2SLGBTQ health. For generic (not specific to health care) inclusivity training we recommend the 519 Community Centre.