Community Care Access Centres in Ontario facilitate at-home care for people recovering from surgery, illness, or who are dealing with a chronic health condition. Through a Community Care Access Centre, you may be able to receive nursing support, physiotherapy, support with personal care such at bathing, getting dressed, and meals. Services vary by location, but to get started you can find out what region you’re in on the website. Note that training across Ontario is variable, and not all Community Care Access Centre employees will have had trans-affirming care training.

Sherbourne Health in Toronto’s Acute Respite Care (ARC) provides short-term stays to individuals who are homeless or under-housed so they can improve their health and wellness while recuperating from illness, injury, surgery or an acute medical condition. In 2016, ARC opened four additional beds to support individuals in recovery from transition-related surgery (TRS). A person in Ontario may qualify to stay at ARC post-surgery if they are homeless, under-housed and/or lacking the social supports needed for successful recovery in the community.

Visit Sherbourne’s website to learn more about ARC.