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“Gays and Lesbians make bad parents”: There is no basis in the scientific literature for this perception.

Canadian Psychological Association 2010

Adoption and Co-parenting by Same-Sex Couples

American Psychiatric Association 2002

AIDS Committee of Ottawa Gender Identity / Expression Policy

AIDS Committee of Ottawa 2007 ,

Gay and Lesbian Adoptions and Foster Care

North American Council on Adoptable Children 2009

Gay and Lesbian Parenting

American Psychoanalytic Association 2002 ,

Gender Identity Policy

Mount Sinai Hospital 2012 , , , ,

LGBT Communities and Stigma around Mental Health and Addictions

Visions - BC 2010 , , , , , , , , ,

Parenting of Children by Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Adults

Child Welfare League of America 2009

Policy Recommendations and Best Practices for Agencies Working Towards Trans Accessibility

Trans Programmes at The 519 2007 ,

Reimbursement of Expenditures under the Assisted Human Reproduction Act

The Canadian Bar Association 2007

RNAO Position Statement: Respecting Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Registered Nurses 2007 , , , , , , ,

Sexual Orientation, Parents and Children

American Psychological Association 2004

TDSB Guidelines for the Accommodation of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students and Staff: An Administrative Guideline of the Toronto District School Board Human Rights Policy P031

Toronto District School Board 2012-10-04 , , , ,

The Assisted Human Reproduction Act and LGBTQ Communities

LGBTQ Parenting Network, Rachel Epstein 2008

The Centre for Women and Trans People Trans Inclusion Policy

The Centre for Women and Trans People 2008

Washroom Signs

Rainbow Health Ontario 2015 , , ,

What Straights Can Learn From Gays about Relationships and Parenting

Robert Jay-Green PhD 2008

Whose Public Health? An Intersectional Approach to Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and the Development of Public Health Goals for Canada

Beth Jackson Ph.D. 2006 , , , , ,