The situations in which you choose to change your gender marker or name are completely personal. No one is specifically required to change their name or gender marker in all or even any spaces. This list has been compiled for your convenience if you would like to change your name and gender marker as comprehensively as possible.

The following are businesses and community organizations which may have record of your name and need updating:

  1. Bank(s) or other financial institutions, for private banking and/or credit cards, line of credit etc.
    • Anywhere on the internet which has credit card information (ex. online shopping sites, PayPal)
    • Any recurring bills you pay, such as credit cards, car lease, cell phone bill, personal insurance, etc.
  2. ODSP/OW/EI and any associated case workers
  3. School or University, including past schools/universit(ie)s in order to obtain correct transcripts
    • Student Loans/Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)
  4. Public library, or other libraries and archives (example: University libraries, Library and Archives Canada, local archival membership, etc.)
  5. Internet, telephone, and home phone provider
  6. Any utility services (gas, water, hydro, electricity, etc.)
  7. Land titles or deeds
  8. Water heater rental company
  9. Your landlord, or the person you pay rent to
  10. Place of work
  11. Insurance provided through place of work
  12. Any other insurance (life, home, auto, etc.)
  13. Metro or other public transit pass, if your name is visible
  14. Volunteering commitments, especially those requiring a Police Records Check
  15. Sports clubs or teams to which you have membership
  16. Community centres
  17. Counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, or any other mental health professional
  18. Social worker
  19. Rewards or points programs through businesses you frequent (ex. grocery store points card, Air Miles card, Pharmacy points card)
  20. Subscription services (Netflix, newspapers, subscription boxes through the mail, etc.)
  21. Job records and professional records
  22. Records through any professional licensing body, college or professional association you belong to
  23. Canada Revenue Agency
  24. Elections Canada
  25. Ontario Correctional Services or Corrections Canada
  26. The will/testament of loved ones (not required, but helpful)