It’s your choice as a sex worker to present however you feel most comfortable. This does not change your trans status or gender identity. For example, a trans woman may present as a cis male while at work; this does not mean that she is any less trans, or any less of a woman. Note also that there are sex workers of all gender identities. Though some people assume that trans men and non-binary people don’t work as sex workers, this is untrue.

Your trans status might, however, change your safer sex information needs and practices. Trans women can find detailed safer sex guidelines in the 519 Community Centre booklet Brazen: The Trans Women’s Safer Sex Guide. For their part, trans men who are involved with men might find Primed: A Sex Guide for Trans Men Into Men useful.

If you are engaging in sex work, you are likely at higher risk of exposure to HIV. There are medications you can take to help protect you from contracting HIV called PReP and PEP. For more information, visit