Sometimes it can feel difficult to initiate a conversation with your primary care provider regarding hormones, surgery, or transitioning in general.  Some primary care providers will be new to trans health, since trans health isn’t covered for most providers when they’re in school.  If your provider initially responds awkwardly it might be because they feel unprepared rather than because they don’t want to support you.

You might want to start the discussion with one of these openers:

  • “I’m thinking about my gender more – would you be open to working with me on this?”
  • “Have you worked with trans people at all? I’ve been thinking about ________.
  • “Would you be willing to help me with _____________? If you’re new to this, would you be willing to learn? There are a lot of resources available for health care providers to help them learn what to do.”

The My provider wants to offer me care, but needs support, guidance and/or information question has information about resources available to your provider. Additionally, the Trans Health area of the Rainbow Health Ontario (RHO) website has more information about training and resources for providers to learn about trans and non-binary health.

There are many options for gender affirming providers throughout Ontario. Please consult the RHO Service Provider Directory to find a provider near you.